In late 2014 Citadel Canine was approached by retired Canadian Army Major Hilaire (Nick) Nicolas, who wanted to raise funds to acquire PTSD service dogs for newer military veterans, as a way to celebrate his 70th birthday.  Major Nick decided that a pledge based walk along the Rideau Trail from Kingston to Ottawa would do the trick.  In the early Summer of 2014, this unique walk was undertaken.  The walk set a new record at just 10m days to complete the nearly 360K distance.  This walk needed a name, and after much discussion, the committee supporting Major Nick`s walk settled on BOOTS 4 PUPS as the tag line for the walk.  This term has lasted, and is now the official title for the volunteer committee spawned by Major Nick`s walk.  The Boots 4 Pups committee organizes and runs local events to raise funds to train and deliver service dogs to both new veterans, AND first responders, inc:  Police, Fire, EMT, Nursing, and 9-1-1 personnel.